Pressure has always been something that I have embraced in life.  Rather than fearing the moment, I choose to seize the opportunity.

That applies to my work, my craft. I understand the importance of deadlines and due dates. That’s when I put forth my strongest effort to deliver – because that’s when it counts.

My experience in marketing and advertising dates back to my college years at Barry University. While studying to earn my B.A. in Advertising, I had the opportunity of interning at Creative Mindworks, an advertising agency in Miami. There I received my first taste of an agency setting and the advertising industry.

I followed up my experience with a second internship with the South Florida Super Bowl Host Committee, working on Super Bowl XLIV in the Communications Department. There I learned what it took to market South Florida as an ideal destination for Super Bowl and collaborated on several marketing projects.

My first job after college was as a news writer for WSVN (Channel 7 News). It was a brief stint that refined my writing skills and taught me about the world of broadcast; a valuable experience that I have adapted to the work I produce today.

From there I decided to move back into the realm of advertising and marketing. So, I joined the Marketing Department at Two If By Tea; a start-up iced tea company based in Boca Raton, Florida. Growing with the company from inception to product launch, I learned about branding, marketing strategy and customer engagement. It was a unique experience to be a part of a brand’s evolution from the ground up.

Since then, I branched off into freelance marketing; a path that led to launching a Digital Marketing Agency in Miami, Verjano Communications. It’s an exciting endeavor to help clients from an array of industries achieve their marketing goals. Some projects and campaigns can be challenging, but without a challenge there is no thrill.

My name is David and I live for the pressure.