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I'm a multidisciplinary creative focused on design & strategy. I’m Partner at Beyond The Agency - a performance branding studio specializing in Food & Beverage & DTC clients.

My roots stem from Miami, Florida - I’m a Millennial born in the digital era, inspired by a new age of human connectivity. I currently focus on creative direction with a special interest in developing brand identities and visual languages for businesses and individuals.

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I've worked with 50+ brands since 2011. Currently, I spearhead design and creative direction as a partner at Beyond The Agency, as well as consulting clients through Verjano Communications.

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➔  Brand Identity + Logo Design
➔  Digital Content Creation
➔  Product Packaging
➔  Website Front-End Design


➔  Creative Direction
➔  Brand Strategy
➔  Content Marketing
➔  Paid + Organic Media Strategy


➔ Brand Discovery Workshops
➔ Keynote Presentations
➔ Design / Creative Seminars
➔ Personal Branding


↓  Case Study 1/5  ↓

Spanish Marie

Scope: Brand Identity, Design

Description: A craft brewery whose namesake derives from Marie Waite; a 1920’s bootlegger that inherited her slain husband’s alcohol smuggling operations and grew it to a million-dollar empire during the Prohibition Era.

Role: I designed the brand’s identity and visual language.

↓  Case Study 2/5  ↓

Strange Beast

Scope: Brand Identity, Design

Description: A brewpub & pizzeria inspired by the spirit of mythical Kaiju characters, most notably featuring Godzilla.

Role:  I designed the identity for this bold new concept, which opened in an area that wasn’t known for its F&B culture 

↓  Case Study 3/5  ↓


Scope: Design, Copywriting, Creative Direction

Description: The world’s first distilled non-alcoholic spirit, Seedlip is setting out to change the way the world drinks. The brand is part of the DIAGEO portfolio and is distributed internationally, including US, UK, Canada and Australia.

Role: I've designed digital assets for organic & paid media across channels, like Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.   

↓  Case Study 4/5  ↓

Beyond the Agency

Scope: Brand Identity, Design

Description: A performance branding agency focused on F&B, DTC and CPG brands. Based in Miami, BTA is constantly testing content + messaging to grow conversions and build community. All with the goal of driving smoother commerce and lowering acquisition costs over time.

Role:  I’ve developed the initial brand identity and the subsequent rebranding for the agency.   

↓  Case Study 5/5  ↓

Lincoln's Beard

Scope: Branding, Creative Direction, Design

Description: A craft brewery best known for its eclectic culture and self-identifying “weirdos” that run the taproom, inviting everyone to get #WeirdAtTheBeard.

Role: I’ve developed the branding and creative direction for the brewery across digital and print.  


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I'm always looking to connect with like-minded individuals, or help with any challenge you're currently facing for your business. Connect with me on social media, or drop a message below.

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